Janitorial Services

Metro takes a new approach to traditional night janitorial services.

We review, assess and then re-engineer the janitors’ work assignments in order to streamline their flows. We use lighter, more ergonomic tools and equipment to help make every member of our team work as efficiently as possible.

Stone & Floor Care

Stone is often placed in prominent building areas and you expect it to look its best.

Metro floor care experts have decades of experience with every type of surface. We will find the right combination of products and procedures to ensure your hard floor surfaces always look their best.

Matrons & Porters

Metro offers a full range of traditional daytime services that we can customize to you and your building’s needs.

We know appearances are important and our matrons and porters wear uniforms and receive extensive safety, comportment and customer service training.

Carpet Care

Carpet is one of the most expensive tenant improvements, often more costly than computer hardware, and with a longer expected life.

Carpet is also the second most active filtration system in a commercial building after the HVAC system. Keeping carpet clean is important and makes a good impression on everyone who enters a building. Metro’s dirt and debris removal systems help protect this valuable asset. Our carpet spotting and periodic care programs keep high traffic areas from looking tired and help maintain the balanced pH your carpet needs to retain its original appearance.

Daytime Cleaning

Metro introduced a hybrid day cleaning program to the California EPA Headquarters in 2001 with incredible success and cost savings for our customer.

Our success was due in large part to the cooperation of the tenants which, in turn, is a direct result of the efficiencies created by our daytime program features. Our program is designed to maximize the workers’ effectiveness while minimizing the energy costs at the building. Please contact us to find out if your facility is a candidate for our daytime cleaning program.

If you would like a Free estimate on any of our cleaning services please contact us below:

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