Job Title: Engineering Financial Analyst



  1. GETF calculation and reporting
  2. CSET calculation and reporting
  3. Janitorial Pension calculation and reporting
  4. Support during union and financial audits


  1. Budgets
  2. Billing sheets for over/under and monthly statements
  3. Estimates for RFP’s
  4. Temp engineering pricing estimates
  5. Bonus billing estimates
  6. Cell phone allocations
  7. IT allocations for all of our users
  8. Billing verifications for all accounts
  9. Tracking all the billing rates to insure we are in alignment with other accounts
  10. Working with payroll rabco to start providing vacation/sick amounts on engineers
  11. Previewing financial statements across the board and noticing anamolies
  12. RFP pricing responses.

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