Sustainability Consulting

Program Development

Our experts can help you customize the most effective program for your property.

In order to create a successful program, there are many factors that require consideration. These include: your building’s size and configuration, your tenant mix and past recycling experience, and your waste hauler’s capabilities. We will help with the analysis of your current waste program and set up your initial benchmarking. We will also work with you on receptacle location and design.

Program Management

Once your program is up and running, our recycling coordinator and operations team will continue working with you, your tenants, the recyclers and waste haulers, and our cleaning crew.

Our team has experience adjusting the elements of each program to best suit your property and tenant mix. We will evaluate your capture rates and compare the initial benchmarks so we can track and report your program’s progress.

Tenant Outreach

We can help with the initial tenant outreach and informational meetings.

We are happy to meet with your key tenant contacts to discuss the program before its initial kick off and conduct follow-up meetings as we progress. We will supply visual aids, flyers, posters and stickers where needed.

Waste Audits

One way to determine your property’s recycling potential is to complete a waste audit.

This process can begin inside the building at individual desks, or expand to your trash area and include opening compactors, weighing and examining the contents and reporting the findings. We have experience conducting these on our own and in conjunction with local waste haulers.

Equipment Analysis

Do you have a compactor, open bins (front loaders) or a combination? Do you have a loading dock designed to maximize efficiency? Do you have programs that capture the most recyclables possible while minimizing your waste hauling costs?

These questions and others need to be reviewed periodically. Matching your waste collection procedures and equipment with your recycling program and your containers is another important step toward maximizing capture rates and minimizing your costs. We have assisted many of our customers with the processes of reviewing all aspects of their waste stream and making significant cost saving recommendations.

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